John 11:33-36

Jesus wept.

Why? What could cause an omniscient God to weep?

What does this mean for His followers?

Omniscient Mourner is the sixth in a series of brand new meditative worship songs called Morning Prayer.

Music and Lyrics by Justin James Sinclair
Performance by Brother James (ha, they’re the same guy)
Audio and Video by Caleb Parker

May our hearts stay warm
And may we mourn with those who mourn
As you did with us oh Lord
Omniscient mourner

Fully God and Fully Man
Well aware of the Father’s plan
Still you slowed to hold my hand
And know my sorrow

You weep for me when I am asleep
Tears so sweet, well in me eternal life

So may our hearts stay soft
To human tragedy and loss
May our empathic sorrow
Be your healing touch

Full of love and full of hope
May we live that all might know
Jesus’ wounds and jesus’ crown
The King compassionate

You weep for me when I am asleep
Tears so sweet, well in me eternal life

For though you reign on high, you stay
Patient by the side of
Those in doubt and pain

May your death be mine
That the thorns and cross of Christ
May adorn my works and
Light reveal them wrought in God

That now in part and full in time
You’ll forever be our life
That untethered we together
May find rest in you


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