Justin James Sinclair (Brother James) is a vibrant soul whose pursuit of a meaningful life spills out into song. Growing up in an all-musician family on a steady diet of The Beatles and Queen, Justin learned the drums at the age of 10, began writing songs on piano and guitar at the age of 13, and stepped into street-performing at the age of 14 equipped with a ukulele and a kazoo.

When Justin’s songs started packing venues in Santa Barbara during his Junior year of high school, he and his best friend crowdfunded an album as The Portion. Since releasing that album Justin has been honing his craft as a music composition major at Biola University in order to love and help and serve others with music. He’s begun by serving Biola as a worship leader and producer, serving his church Redeemer as a songwriter, and serving his local community as Brother James. Brother James’ homeshows as a solo artist have been said to turn strangers into family, and he’s opened for the likes of Dominic Balli and The Brilliance.

Nearing the end of his degree in Music Composition, Justin is walking away with the tools necessary to communicate his message of love and joy better than ever, and with new stories and songs that are bursting with energy, passion, and honesty. He’s set to release his new EP, “One”, with The Portion on February 13th and is beginning a new project with his brother called the Young Sinclairs. Scroll down for a full catalog of Justin’s work.

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