God is inviting you into union with Himself.

These songs were made to aid your journey into Love.

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For Those I Love



This music is yours for free.

We only ask that you share it with someone you think could benefit.
50 cents of any dollar received will be donated to ministries that we believe in.

We just want to help people and support the Church.

We’re able to give this EP (and all of our music) away because of the generous patronage of: Daniel Chrosniak, Scott Hatfield, Camille Franicevich, Jayden Chavez, Jack Franicevich, Stan Sinclair, Nicole Garcia, Aaron Feeney, and about 30 other patrons.

We hope to always release our music for free, and we want you to join our mission. Join the Family to partner with us and gain early access to all future releases from The Portion and Brother James, or donate to the cause through Brother James’ paypal.

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